Friday, October 24, 2014

Almost 24 Weeks!

On Sunday, I'll official be 24 weeks in this pregnancy. Exciting times since Monday we have the next BIG appointment, the last sonogram and also the oh so fun gestational diabetes test. We plan to find out the sex of the baby, fingers cross to if this little one will let us have a peek :)

I seemed to have traded off being up all night with morning sickness to being up all night due to not getting comfortable. Lack is sleep is super common for pregnancy, especially as you hit the final weeks; this lack of sleep seems to also become one of my biggest triggers for a fibro flare. The lack of sleep and increased pain leaves me in a pretty touchy (ok...ok...bad) mood, much to my husband's distress. It's a good thing this is not our first pregnancy and my poor husband already knows what to expect with a moody pregrant wife ( I love you honey)! We're down to 16 weeks roughly so hopefully once this little one gets here, sleep will be a little easier even with breastfeeding.

It will be interesting to see how the fibro responds to pregnancy as we get closer to the due date, lack of sleep and shifting hormones seems to the biggest issues which are also issues that really can't be altered. Having weaned off of all drugs, I'm currently looking into natural ways to control the fibro; rest and stess management are my biggest focus at the moment. I've been researching more into drugs and at this point I'm not sure if I want to go back to the constant changing of drugs and dosage when before the pregnancy I really did not see or feel much of a difference...if anything each change made things worse. To be truthful, I'm hoping all those awesome feel good hormones and chemicals released during breastfeeding will help manage my symptoms post-birth!

A short post, not totally meeting my goal for this week, but with one sick toddler, it's a mircle if the hubby and I manage to get much done in the house! Our little one is better so tomorrow we are hitting a birthday party and a halloween bash! I can't wait to see all the kids in costumes.


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