Monday, October 20, 2014

The Fragile Butterfly

Since I was a teenager I had already suffered from depression and anxiety only to have something new tearing me apart that I could barely say, much less know anything about: Fibromyalgia. In December of 2013, after almost two years of suffering from the most intense and at times confusing pain and cognitive issues, I was diagnosed with a syndrome that is not widely known about, much less understood by most. I felt compelled to share my life with fibromyalgia: the struggles, the good times, and whatever else I experience learning to cope and live with this syndrome. After finding out soon after the diagnosis I was pregnant gave me even more reason to start a blog---I have found so little information on dealing with pregnancy with fibro. I also hope this blog helps in a small, itsy, bitsy way to help bring awareness to fibromyalgia and make some awesome new friends along the way. I'm hoping to get a few posts up this week as introductions and plan to get something posted at least once a week, let's see if I can stick to that schedule with a toddler and pregnancy, lol!


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